09/23/09 - All the LILLY-WHITES

   Protect your LILLY-WHITE ass from making a mistake. Wasting money is not in your budget or you have no clue how to use your mind or your hands. Does that sound like an appropriate explanation of your thought mentality as you sit there and watch "How to be a millionaire" ?? Well
if the answer is YES then you have not been reading this; and you are most likely sitting on a couch procrastinating. Maybe I should call this "Procrastinators Paradise". The easy way out, sounds like a plan...Hey turn off all that "multiple choice" crap, close the fridge door and follow me.
   I have no time to waste. You see I am 67 and I am counting the days now. I counted months about 10 years ago but after the Cancer, it was days that made the difference. It will be hours soon and no I am not terminal, but my hands, body, sight and hearing are. All of these precious commodities that came with this "being" have been exhausted, but the mind has not given up. My pea-brain has not reversed itself to "couch potato" syndrome as of yet. I can not remember sitting down and watching TV all day and night like a few good friends I know.
   I am, beside a hot-rodder (converted from a dirt late model owner/builder) a Ham Radio operator. Yes I am a radio GEEK along with being a decent engine rebuilder and "all kinds of shit" fabricator. I enjoy building hi-power RF amplifiers and antennas almost as much as beating on old tin and turning rust back into beauty. I build my radio "stuff" from scraps, the same way I build my kid's hot rods. Just about the same way I scrounge through "swap meets", I also scrounge through "electronic flea markets" looking for goodies that will apply to building cool stuff that no one else has; like "one of a kind" items that contain a small part of my own personality built in. That is what I do now. I can't tell you why I do this, I can only tell you that I cannot stand being idle. I love the challenge so much that it is almost like sex to my mind. When I stand back and look at a fender that was basically unusable many hours (I don't keep count of my labor) ago, I get a rush that makes me feel good. Almost, but not quite, like the rush of tasting a really great steak or a cold beer after mowing the lawn.
   Why am I telling you all this ?? Because I will be gone some day sooner than I would like and I just want to remind all you "LILLY-WHITES" to get up off that couch before it is too late. Find a use for those hands beyond using the remote, stuffing your pie hole or balancing your check book. Remove all that MUSH that watching television has packed into your cranium. There are so many things you can do if you put your mind to it. You do not need anyone, not single person to give you the go ahead, to lead the way, to hand you a tool or a book on a subject that attracts your interest. That my "LILLY-WHITE" friend is all up to you. Stand up my good man and do something with your hands. Forget about writing a check to someone else, this is going to be your project. You are going to scour through E-Bay, Craigslist, QRZ or The HAMB, looking for some worthless piece of scrap and turn it into something you want. Not something those 3rd party vendors and re-man suppliers are offering. Those places are where you go if what you need is no longer available, or to far out of the way to barter and negotiate by yourself. Making something fit is not always the easy way to go, but it is the most satisfying when it comes to your ego. If you create it, it will be yours. If you design it, it will be imagination. If you are proud of the result, your reward is forever.
   So get off your "LILLY-WHITE" ass and do something before it is too late. And please don't let those stupid excuses you are about to think up get in your way. Tell the wife she is on her own and toss her the remote. Go out into the garage and start to build that bench where you can begin that creation. You will never forgive yourself if you do not. I honestly believe that death is like turning off the lights in the shop for the last time. If there is unfinished work, chances are that you will turn on the lights again tomorrow. If all the work, all your dreams, all your projects and all the clean-up is done, the lights will go out forever. 

73 Terry